“Being a good journalist and writer is essentially being a good salesman… People have to believe in your work. I’m a very good salesman!” – Sean Borg

A leader in the field of entertainment, lifestyle and showbiz news, Sean Borg has had the opportunity of working with many famous faces in London and Los Angeles.

Sean was known as a “mover and shaker” on the London social scene when top TV executive Sebastian Scott – spotted his talents and offered him the opportunity to join the team at Bob Geldof’s company Planet 24 Productions. Moving forward, Sean joined Channel 4’s The Word as a researcher. After a few months Sean impressed his bosses so much so, he was promoted to Assistant Producer within six months with his own segment in the show, “The Gossip,” this became an immensely popular part of the show.

“It seems showbiz news and gossip was always my destiny it follows me everywhere!” Sean said.

After two seasons with the show, Planet 24 Executives – Charlie Parsons and Waheed Ali, offered Sean a chance to move over to the companies other popular hit – The Big Breakfast, jumping at the chance to further his TV and media skills he accepted the job and worked there for three months producing the popular showbiz news segment slot ‘Snap, Cackle & Pop’… More showbiz gossip!

During his time as a publicist some of Sean’s credits include the sensational launch of top London fashion store – Koh Samui along with his good friends, British “It-Girls” Tamara Beckwith, “Royal pal” – Tara Palmer-Tompkinson and Tamara Yeardye-Mellon (now Director of Jimmy Choo), this was when social columnist, Simon Mills, christened Sean the “It-boy” in GQ Magazine, placing him firmly on the map as “one-to-know”. It was during this period that Sean spread his showbiz wings and headed off to Los Angeles.

In 1997, after hearing of Borg’s PR savvy, well-known Film Director, Marcus Nispel, asked him to represent his publicity interests globally. This led him to being appointed (by Nispel) as Head of Public Relations at RSA/USA (Ridley Scott and Associates) in LA, who were then Nispel’s video and commercial representatives. This job even lead to Nispel casting Sean Borg as a featured ‘socialite’ in Puff Daddy’s $2,000,000 music video for ‘Victory’ alongside Dennis Hopper and Danny DeVito.

Sean raised rank in entertainment Television and appeared on numerous entertainment news shows and after appearing on television frequently on: Sky News, Sky One and Channel 4.

Back in the UK, Sean recently appeared in the top hit MTV Europe show Totally Scott-Lee, this peaked 1,500,000 million viewers during its run this year, which was a massive result for MTV UK.

UK publications such as The Sun – Victoria Newton and Gordon Smarts Bizarre Column top selling US publication – IN TOUCH Magazine, and Australian gossip weekly, FAMOUS to name a but few.

In Summer 2007, Sean journalistic skills were spotted by the bosses at TMZ on TV and Sean signed on as a TV producer for the show, his duties included writing for, producing, voicing and hosting segments for the popular FOX 11 show and his unmistakable “British” voice “loved” by Harvey Levin could be heard all over the daily news presentation based on and across America. One of Sean’s regular slots due to his popularity became the “Full Throttle Fashion” section.

Sean joined TV Guide Network in 2010 and was a regular opposite ‘The Bachelor’s’ host Chris Harrison – this saw Sean bringing viewers in the states the latest breaking showbiz news.

Sean’s voice can also be heard on the forthcoming series “The Price of Fame” for Intersection Productions, the makers of Dr. 90210 for E! Entertainment Television.

Additionally, there is a book deal offer on the table in the UK, the planned tale in the works is entitled – “The Making of a Modern Socialite,” based on Sean Borg’s life in show-business.

Sean currently holds the position of Showbiz Editor at the British Weekly Newspaper, doing so for 5 years and currently writes the well-read social diary “Scene by Sean” in LIVE Magazine – a column that features the popular people of Palm Springs”.

Sean said: “Being a good journalist and writer is essentially being a good salesman… People have to believe in your work. I’m a very good salesman!”

With numerous projects currently on the go, Borg says of the future, “The sky is the limit… If I put my mind to it, I can do it!”